The executive board complete to the Drama Academy on how to become a member and fellowship, and of course, thanks to your participation, membership and fellowship reports will be presented each year.

The Drama Academy promotes its partners all over the world for more cinematic and media studies and the wider cultural field, and to serve as a resource for scholars and teachers. The Drama Academy seeks to maintain fruitful relations with organizations in other countries in all fields and specializations of cinematic studies, we also strive with every effort to Supporting and strengthening the relationships between the Drama Academy and the public.

Film, television, and related media from a variety of critical, theoretical and analytical approaches. We, as scientists of drama academy, whether in film or humanities, distinguish ourselves from those who follow social science methodologies and mass communication approaches to the media while acknowledging the important and fruitful links.

Film and media studies emphasize The cultural and historical importance of the media and focus on the production and circulation of cinematographic films and TV series, which are analyzed in terms of aesthetics, meanings and uses. Cinematic and media studies are No multi-disciplinary by nature,There is a faculty in a number of different cinematic entities for teaching radio and television sciences, cinema, history, theater, comparative literature, visual and audio arts, music and journalism by geographic region…etc.

More information on the state of the field of film and media studies around the world can be found periodically from our reports Conferences.

The Drama Academy holds an annual conference in a different place each year as an opportunity for scientists to meet as professional colleagues to organize and discuss current cinematic research, and proposals for research and workshops are presented and selected by the program committee with a focus on promoting the best scholarships and creative work in the field of cinema and media, rewards will be presented each year for the best research, film, or performance.