Online courses

The Drama Academy provides e-learning – distance education, and teaches the arts of film and television remotely around the world, and it aims to provide an opportunity for fans of these arts to obtain education and culture specialized in the fields of acting, scenario, directing, photography, product, sound, production Cinematic marketing, decoration, animation, and these curricula are explained by the use of multimedia, static images, motion pictures, sound, written text, computer graphics, and video communication, e-learning applies the method of teaching, evaluation, explanation, and education through the internet, video conferencing system, and mail system

in order to ensure delivery of the information simplified to all learners and those interested in this arts, whether from professionals or amateurs alike, and because this site is considered a framework for the integration of Arab cinematic and television art whether in crafts and art, in addition to this there are also important academic information that the learner can use in his studies or as a source for his reviewer.

The student, through this site, can learn everything about the art of making film and television at any time of the day or night, and anywhere in all parts of the world.