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Why  learning acting at Drama Academy? 

The academy’s practical approach and the interest in applying acting skills to camera performance make it one of the best performing workshops in Egypt and the Middle East. The drama academy, Egypt, offers an equally designed workshop for junior and experienced actors, intensive training for actors in modern camera acting techniques; To do movies or to do soap operas. Unlike other drama workshops, the drama academy focuses on the practical experience and training of our students, so they can not only develop their profession as actors but also be good at acting before camera. All drama academy instructors are writers, directors, professional producers and workers, who provide the students with personal focus and the discipline they need to start their careers in film and television.

Curriculum of the Representation Division Training

  The foundations of representation and literal representation are divided into:

1 – focus and relaxation, how to get rid of excess tension, memory of the senses, and the development of imagination.

2 – Credibility or believability deals with the relationship of representation to lies, as it is assumed that each of them constitutes a fictitious world that seeks to gain credibility.

3 – Improvisation is addressed from the standpoint of diagnosis, that is, how the representative embodies the dramatic character and its various dimensions.

4 – Dramatic expression of what is visible from the actor and includes emotions, emotional memory, dramatic expression of the face and eyes, movement, gesture, gesture, sign language, and body conditions in the cinematic cadre.

5 – Dramatic expression of what is heard from the actor and includes dealing with the written text and beyond the written text, as well as diction, phonetic expressions, pronunciation defects and phoneme performances

Practical applications on cinematic acting: –

6- A theoretical lecture on the cinematic terminology of the actor’s friction.

Actor’s Skills:

1 – Sources of inspiration for the actor

2 – The most important characteristics that must be available in the actor

3- Simulation, Tolerance, and Merger

4 – Dramatic charisma

5 – Performing Spirituality – Representative Weather

6 – Body and reactions- Body Language

7 – Expressive Representative Tools

8 – The art of improvisation

9 – Memory of the actor

10 – Dramatic Representative Sound

11 – Dual voice acting

12 – Duplication of the actor.

in order to ensure delivery of the information simplified to all learners and those interested in this arts, whether from professionals or amateurs alike, and because this site is considered a framework for the integration of Arab cinematic and television art whether in crafts and art, in addition to this there are also important academic information that the learner can use in his studies or as a source for his reviewer.

The student, through this site, can learn everything about the art of making film and television at any time of the day or night, and anywhere in all parts of the world.

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