What is the

Drama Academy?

The Drama Academy is a specialized academy in training, teaching cinema , television and media sciences, We support and encourage the study that is based on humanities study of cinema, television and related media as important aspects of world culture and creative endeavours.

The Drama Academy for cinema and Media Studies is the world's leading scientific organization dedicated to promoting broad understanding of the film, television and related media industry through research and education based on the traditions of the contemporary humanities sciences.

The Drama Academy


Although the Middle East region has a developed and historically consistent cinematic culture, however cinema is relatively under-represented outside the Middle East region and is largely limited to performances in international film festivals only, and for this reason the Drama Academy dedicated a specialized intellectual forum to study cinemas in the Middle East and how to support the cinema industry in all its branches, especially the role of the actor, and also how to provide the necessary training to prepare and train the actor and provide intellectual and marketing support, by producing a set of films that focus on showing new talents and then distributing it inside and outside the Middle East, also will presented at festivals, and The drama Academy sponsors annual competitions for cinema industry high achievers.

  Students may be graduates of film colleges or performing arts colleges, or talented people or individuals who want to engage in the cinematic, television and media fields at the national and international levels. Training in the Drama Academy in Film and Media Studies helps prepare students for careers in a range of fields related to cinema, television and the media and continues to Most of them obtain theoretical and practical training, as well as specialization in all cinematic and media divisions.

What are cinematographic and media studies?

Throughout the twentieth until the twenty-first centuries, cinema, television and related media have become increasingly central both to the individual and to the lives of peoples, groups and nations, voice and screen media also have taken their place along with other critical areas of human communication and creativity, such as literature, music, art and performance, to form distinctive patterns of expression that require specialized analysis and criticism.


The drama academy has special merit in scholarships to promote the spread of cinematography and television sciences around the world. The drama academy covers them in all cinematographic disciplines. The drama academy, which has scientists around the world specializing in cinematography and television sciences, promotes them in different contexts depending on the culture of each country in terms of history and culture, in cooperation with psychologists and sociologists in artistic and psychological terms