Directing Course

Started on أغسطس 3, 20207.00pm - 9.00pm3 Months

Curriculum of the directing division.

  • Directing.
  • The practical approach.
  • Motion picture elements.
  • Decoupage.
  • Cut the scene into a shot.
  • Types of camera angles.
  • Types of high level camera.
  • Staff sizes.
  • Lens types and sizes.
  • Types of camera movement.
  • Actor movement.
  • Movement accessory.
  • The storyboard and the importance of using it.
  • Initial placement fee for location.
  • The rule of the imaginary line and how to break it.
  • How to implement a decoupage from paper to screen.
  • Types of cameras.
  • Configuration.
  • Relay elements in the movie.
  • The film rhythm in the scenario, directing and montage.
  • Means of transportation from one scene to another.
  • The view in the movie, watching and analyzing cinematography from the director’s perspective, not the viewer.
  • Watching and analyzing short films.
  • The workshop.
  • Imaging equipment and its uses.
  • Assistant director and how it works.
  • Theoretical approach, Fundamentals of cinema and film composition.
  • Cinematic theories and the history of cinema as global and Arabic.
  • Documentary cinema.
  • Cinematic tasting, Scenario analysis and Narrative film analysis.
  • The relationship of cinema to literature.
  • The acting : Actor direction, How to get the best performance, How to deal with the actor during filming.
  • Sound engineering : Cinematic sound bar components, How to deal with a sound engineer in the location.
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